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Downport functionality

Extended Information

Much like the 'commented_code' rule this rule loops through unknown statements and tries parsing with
a higher level language version. If successful, various rules are applied to downport the statement.
Target downport version is always v702, thus rule is only enabled if target version is v702.

Current rules:
* NEW transformed to CREATE OBJECT, opposite of
* DATA() definitions are outlined, opposite of
* FIELD-SYMBOL() definitions are outlined
* CONV is outlined
* COND is outlined
* REDUCE is outlined
* SWITCH is outlined
* FILTER is outlined
* APPEND expression is outlined
* INSERT expression is outlined
* EMPTY KEY is changed to DEFAULT KEY, opposite of DEFAULT KEY in
* CAST changed to ?=
* LOOP AT method_call( ) is outlined
* VALUE # with structure fields
* VALUE # with internal table lines
* Table Expressions are outlined
* SELECT INTO @DATA definitions are outlined
* Some occurrences of string template formatting option ALPHA changed to function module call
* SELECT/INSERT/MODIFY/DELETE/UPDATE "," in field list removed, "@" in source/targets removed
* PARTIALLY IMPLEMENTED removed, it can be quick fixed via rule implement_methods
* Moving with +=, -=, /=, *=, &&= is expanded
* line_exists and line_index is downported to READ TABLE
* ENUMs, but does not nessesarily give the correct type and value
* MESSAGE with non simple source

Only one transformation is applied to a statement at a time, so multiple steps might be required to do the full downport.

Make sure to test the downported code, it might not always be completely correct.

Default Configuration

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